Borussia Dortmund fans refuses to travel to away match vs Red Bull Salzburg

Dortmund fans against modern football!

Borussia Dortmund’s fans will not travel to the Europa League fixtures against FC Red Bull Salzburg.

Dortmund’s fans cant accept existence of fake modern clubs like Red Bull Salzburg and Red Bull Leipzig. Instead of traveling and paying tickets to Red Bull they will organize action under slogan “Tradition beats every trend!” where they will sell symbolic tickets and t-shirts.

All money collected in this action will be donated to the real football club in Salzuburg – Austria!

As you probably know, Red Bull bought Austria Salzburg back in 2005, renamed, changed colors and delete club’s history. Fans couldn’t accept this fake new club and decide to start new club with old name and logo from bottom league.

Borussia Dortmund plays their first fixture against Salzburg on the 8th of March while their game against Leipzig is on March 3rd.

It would be great if many fans did this to redbull.

Paris ultras try to wake sleeping Real Madrid players with flares and drums.

Last night PSG ultras called “Collectif Ultras Paris” came up with a brilliant idea to help their team pass Real Madrid.They took drums,fireworks,pyro and started singing, so they can wake up Real Madrid players and disturb them.

Paris police soon arrived forcing the fans to disperse.

Zinedine Zidane’s side are staying at the Hotel du Collectionneur, eight kilometres away from the Parc des Princes stadium.

Definitely PSG ultras helped their team but we don’t know yet if that is going to be enough.Anyway great action from them, and probably this idea will be used a lot by many other ultras.

Here’s the video.

Ex-capo of BBB, from ultras to a religious man.

He was born in family of four, they were not too religious, but he used to go to some trips organized by church when he was young, but only so he can be without parents supervision, get drunk in Rome and so..

He considers himself as addicting personality, during school he was fascinated with computers, then skate, then punk, then he started visiting games. “I was fascinated with unity of group, alcohol, adrenaline during fights etc.”.

“Soon i was on every game, home, away, it wasn’t a problem to travel thousand km to watch friendly match of Dinamo, even some other clubs. I started to work inside organization, i was mostly interested in choreography, banners, flags, but i wasn’t running away from fights”.

He was surprised when he become president of fan club BBB, there were more fanatics then him at the time, but he was only with clear police record, that’s why he was chosen.

“I started organize chanting, trips, having meetings with club, police. Phone was always ringing, with all that experience i could probably lead a corporation now. I left my heart and soul in the group”.

“Towards the end i started to get addicted to drugs, alcohol, i had enough money to go out, travel, for girls, on street you just learn how to make money, i never took a penny from club. I considered other people’s life very boring”

After fight with Torcida he got 2 years ban from stadium, he had to be in police station during every game, they came inside his apartment few teams, he was arrested also during some other incidents although he was not involved, police beat him up with no reason. At that time separation and fights inside group started, boycott started, and he never, returned to stadium again.

“I was active also while i was banned, until my last game of national team Croatia – Georgia. I went there and get drunk with locals (Torcida), and at the same time BBB had fight with Torcida, part of group took that against me, i was never back on stand again”.

“I also ended my relationship, i sunk into depression, had some debts, i lost everything i loved. I decided to go work in other city on coastline – Pula for fresh start. I still had contacts with part of group, part of group forgot i even existed.”.

DYNAMO DRESDEN Ultras have ‘declared war’ on the German Football Federation. Around 2,000 turned up to the Bundesliga 2 away clash with Karlsruhe dressed in army gear from head to toe, which included face paint.

Already difficult to see due to their attire, the huge group used black smoke guns to make their entrance to the stadium all the more spectacular with those at the front of the procession beating drums.

And they held a sign proclaiming: “War on the DFB.”

They then proceeded to fill the air with various colours.When inside the stadium, they created a raucous atmosphere which consisted of a ‘Poznan style’ celebration.And later passed around a massive anti-German Football Federation banner, though local newspaper, Die Welt, report that even the club are unsure specifically what the protest was aimed at.

Dynamo Dresden fans are well known for creating amazing atmosphere, and traveling to away games in big numbers.They are famous for many great songs that they have created which are now used by different fan groups around Europe.As for their football team, they do not have big hopes on joining bundesliga next year since their team is not close to play off zone.



Dortmund fans will not travel to Salzburg and Leipzig

Borussia Dortmund’s fans will not travel to the Europa League fixtures against FC Reb Bull Salzburg and RB Leipzig.

The Black and Yellows are paired with their Austrian neighbors to the right in the UEFA Europa League. The round of 16 has some challenging teams including Salzburg who are first in the Austrian Bundesliga.

Salzburg had beaten Spanish side Real Sociedad to advance to the round of 16 and will now face Borussia Dortmund. Dortmund, on the other hand, just managed to edge past Italian side Atalanta in a tough tie.

It will be an interesting fixture but Borussia Dortmund can count themselves lucky as there are several strong teams in the competition such as Atletico Madrid, Arsenal, RB Leipzig, and AC Milan. So this year’s competition will be no cakewalk in that park for any team.

Die Borussen will be without their away fans in the away match against RB Salzburg. The reason? Red Bull’s involvement in football. Red Bull bought Austria Salzburg in 2005 renaming it to Red Bull Salzburg. But Red Bull wasn’t done there. They wanted to invest in German football and after looking at different clubs the company settled on Leipzig.

Leipzig’s meteoric rise to Germany’s top flight was protested by various clubs across the country including Borussia Dortmund. Borussia Dortmund is against major companies’ involvement in football and will now protest by not attending the games against Salzburg and Leipzig.

A unanimous decision amongst the clubs hardcore supporters was made that the fans will not travel to Salzburg. And a BVB spokesman Jan-Henrik Gruszecki tweeted: “If BVB have to play the Salzburg Can Group, then the same applies for Leipzig. Fans will not travel.”

Borussia Dortmund plays their first fixture against Salzburg on the 8th of March while their game against Leipzig is on March 3rd.

Cheerleader with leukemia brought to tears by football players’ kind act

A high school cheerleader who was recently diagnosed with cancer was surprised with her own personal cheering section at last week’s football game.

One by one, Foothill High School football players from Palo Cedro, California, dropped off orange roses — the color for leukemia awareness — at Ashley Adamietz’s feet as they ran onto the field before their first game of the season.

Fans cheered, members of the band banged on drums and Adamietz covered her mouth with her hands in disbelief.

The senior cheerleader said on Twitter that she was “shocked, overwhelmed, and speechless” by the students’ sweet gesture.

But the thoughtful act didn’t surprise head coach Joey Brown.

“For me, I wasn’t surprised at all that that’s something my players would want to do,” Brown told CBS News. “We’ve always worked long at developing character.”

The team ends every practice with the word “family,” Brown noted.

So, when players heard about Adamietz’s diagnosis in late August, they decided to do something.

A senior captain approached Brown with an idea to acknowledge Adamietz at their first home game, and the coach instantly agreed, assuring the player, “This is a family matter; we have to take care of our family before we take care of ourselves.”

As a father, Brown said he couldn’t help but tear up as he watched his players deliver flowers to the girl.

“We had to check our emotions,” he said. “To see our players do something like that for one of our own — we were proud coaches, proud fathers and proud fans that night.”

The football team will continue to support Adamietz’s fight against cancer by wearing orange ribbons on the back of their helmets. Fans and students are also being encouraged to wear orange to the games.

Brown hopes the rest of the world will see that you can learn valuable life lessons through sports.

“Our players are learning how a simple act of kindness can really impact millions,” he said.

All time greatest Real Madrid are officially the most successful club in the world and have overtaken Barcelona according to Fifa

FIFA had a change of heart this week when they declared all winners of the International cup, between 1960 and 2004, officially world champions.

With this in mind, Real Madrid overtake Barcelona as the most successful club, according to Fifa.World football’s governing body had originally not recognised winners of this tournament as world champions.But with this change in mindset Los Blancos now have the crown thanks to their success story in the tournament.

Earlier this week, we revealed the Manchester United treble winning were confirmed as Champions.The Intercontinental Cup was scrapped in 2004 and replaced with the Fifa World Club Cup.

Real Madrid still continues even stronger than it was before.Beating Paris Saint Germain 3-1 in Madrid gave them an advantage for the returning match in Paris.

Not to forget that Real Madrid won the champions league back to back, something that no team has ever done it before, and the fascinating thing is that they are still on the game and can do it for the third time in a row.

Meanwhile Barcelona fans want their day back and at the moment their team is struggling to qualify for the next round , it’s all up to the next game against Chelsea.

We will have to wait to see who is going to be the champion of Europe.

Over 15,000 Borussia Dortmund supporters to snub Monday night match in protest against Bundesliga scheduling

As many as 15,000 Borussia Dortmund fans are preparing to boycott Monday night’s clash with Augsburg at the Westfalenstadion.

Over 350 of the club’s fan groups are participating in an organised protest against Monday night matches.

Although there are likely to be around 65,000 home fans still in attendance at the 81,000-capacity stadium, there are fears that they Yellow Wall could be left half empty.Due to the Bundesliga’s new TV contract, new kickoff times have been experimented with this season.Last week saw the first of six Monday night matches, and protests in Frankfurt disrupted the start of Eintracht vs RB Leipzig.

According to the DFL, the new schedule has been put in place to help the league’s Europa League sides, rather than any commercial benefit.Dortmund were in Europa League action against Atalanta on Thursday night.

Nevertheless, the additional kickoff times do earn the 18 Bundesliga clubs more money. Some Dortmund fans will protest by adding shades of grey to the Yellow Wall, while others will stay away.

Interview with Ultras ahlawy (AL Ahly – Egypt)

Hi, please introduce yourself:

A. ,1983 , basically I was born to be an Ahly fan and I am a founder member of the Ultras Ahlawy group.

Could you tell us a bit about the history of your group?

Basically in the stadium there is 2 groups that sit in 2 different places ( ALU & AFC ) Ultras ahlawy is the 3rd and newest group that contains former members of both groups that combine the most extreme and passionate ultras in the curva
What distinguish us from the other 2 groups that we are NOT recognized by the club as we are considered a bit extreme to their taste due to our love for violence

How is your group organised? Do you have a own section in your stand? How do you travel to games?

We sit in gate 11 in Curva Nord of Cairo stadium , right beside AFC ( one of the other 2 groups ) , Ultras Ahlawy is like a family , this is why we are very selective when it comes to accepting members to preserve the family atmosphere within the group , you don’t ask to be a member of Ultras ahlawy , you have to be invited to become a member and that’s what make us .

Do you have any friendships? If yes, how did they start?

to kill the cliché , no one like us , we are together united against everybody, wherever we go we get stoned , get ambushed , we are the country biggest club and we have strong fan base all around the country , which causes all the small cities with a shitty football team to envy us since

on a personal level , a lot of our boys are very good friends with the lads from the Tunisian firm Ultras El Meckahines , they came to support us when we played in the African CL final , and a few of us ( me included ) went with them to the Handball derby , we are meeting each other in the group stage next week and my house is set to host 18 of their main lads, so the next few days should be a bit crowded around my place

Is there any other groups who also support Al Ahly?

Yeah like I said earlier Ahly Lovers Union sit in the West Stand ( Gate A18 ) while AFC sit in the North Stand in A11
A new group has started last month and sit in the Curva in A8 but whether they will organize themselves as a group or not remains to be seen


What is the future planes and targets for your group?

Improve our tifos and we need to come up with more dynamic ways in raising money for our group , also having our own bank account where ppl should donate money for the choreographies instead of collecting money on a short notice before the games

SV 1860 München II vs. FC Bayern München II

Germany: 10 300 fans on reserves derby.

Germany: 10 300 fans on reserves derby.

Impressive number of fans attended the derby played by second teams of 1860 München and Bayern MünchenHere is a match report from our friend from Munchen.1860 München win the reserves derby 2:0 (1:0) in front of 10,300 at their beloved Grünwalder Straße ground.

No wonder the 1860 fans want to return here with the first team – the ground has lots of character: plenty of terracing, a good old fashioned curva, and it is also located right in the middle of the city, so people from the adjourning houses can also watch the match from the comfort of their homes.

With 1860’s first team playing in the second league for years now, it’s been a while since the last real derby, so the reserves derby is a convenient alternative to exchange insults with your favorite nemesis.
This season, the Bayern reserves are in the top group while 1860 need to gain ground on the danger zone, so the win meant a lot more to the home side.

Both fan groups were vociferous throughout the match but refrained from using any flares as is usually the case during those derbies. The Bayern fans showed a display of flags in the beginning, though.

Meanwhile Bayern also had a great performance and they have also a very active group in both supporting their first team,also their second