Torcida Split smash and rob stores in Serbia.

Reports say that Torcida Split smashed and robbed stores in Serbia while they were on their way to Bulgaria(They will play against Slavia Sofia).

Many guys (It is said that somewhere 30 vans and cars) stopped in stores near “Vrcin” and made some graffiti with celtic crosses and Ustase signs.After robbing and graffiti they started to demolish the place destroying many things especially in a pump gas.

The time this incident happened was around 4 o’clock in the morning.

Map of Barra Bravas in Buenos Aires.

Barra Bravas are nearly the same as ultras in europe, but the difference can be visible if you visit both.They use many musical instruments and bass drums, trumpets and many other things.This time we made an article about the Barra Bravas in Buenos Aires.

Barra Bravas tend to be very violent organizations, through August 2012 Argentine football has experienced 301 hooligan related death, several such deaths and shootings were the result of rival factions within the same clubs.
Originally these groups were not numerous, violent, or powerful. Over the years, this changed. In some cases the barra brava decided who would be the club’s chairman. Since the 1980s and 1990s, hooliganism has grown and some groups engaged in illegal activities such as extorting money from club leadership, players, and hawkers that work at the stadium. They also may participate in drug sales and thefts. They often provide services to political and union leaders who hire them as agitator groups (during rallies and mass meetings, that in Argentina traditionally have people chanting like football crowds, playing drums and even shooting firecrackers), goon squads (clashing with supporters of other political parties, unions or police during demonstrations, protests, rallies and strikes), bodyguards, etc.

Now back to the city of Buenos Aires.It is known that Boca Juniors is the most famous team in Buenos Aires and whole Argentina so they take the first spot when it comes to the numbers.
After Buenos Aires River Plate is near them in the second place, after them it’s San Lorenzo who are described as the most passionate fans there and after them Velez Sarsfield, others have good numbers but these 4 teams are the main 4 of Buenos Aires.Here’s the map.

Napoli fans and players accused of working with the italian mafia clan named “Camorra”.

Another news linked with mafia in Italy.This time it included players and not only fans.
The FIGC Prosecutor requested long bans for Pepe Reina, Paolo Cannavaro and Salvatore Aronica for associating with the Neapolitan Mafia.

They are accused for working with Camorra, but they categorically deny it, since they claim that they didn’t know those people worked with Camorra.

It is believed that some ultras of Napoli who are also members of Camorra used their credit cards for their purposes and it is somehow linked with match tickets(We don’t know for sure what exactly).

People accused claim that they were only club sponsors and nothing more than that.

The reason why nothing is happening in Russia.

All that hype from the media about Russia and all those documentaries, all those threats but still, nothing, nothing happened.
It feels like everything is under control and except some few individual clashes and a clash between Argentinians nothing more happened, nothing!
From what we know, russian hooligans are not doing anything because they are simply scared to go to prison somewhere in the middle of Russia.The other reason is that leaders of hooligan groups made a pact with Putin to not put a “bad eye” on Russia, so this World Cup is a propaganda.
According to our sources it is obvious that Putin knew very well how to handle this situation, and we’re almost sure that nothing at all will happen during this tournament.
Now let’s talk about ultras and hooligans in Russia, obviously it seems they are not what they seemed to be, because they got silenced so easily, meanwhile being ultras is making sure your voice is heard, which is the opposite of what russians are doing right now.If their government could do this to them so easily then what if they suddenly decide to end ultras/hooligan culture?will it be so fast?or will they fight back, for that we don’t have an answer but for now this is the situation in Russia and most likely it is going to be like this for the rest of the tournament.

Clashes between Polish and Senegalese fans.

Yesterday during the match between Poland-Senegal 2 sets of fans clashed with each other in Antwerp, after Poland scored the first goal.According to some reports it all started after Senegalese fans started throwing drinks at Poland fans, after that Polish fans reacted by starting to beat them and then Senegalese fans ran away.

Taxi driver runs over Mexican fans in Moscow.

The suspect in a taxi crash near Red Square that injured two Mexican World Cup fans and other pedestrians told interrogators that he fell asleep at the wheel, Moscow police said Sunday.

City police released a video Sunday of an interrogation session with a man identified as the Kyrgyz taxi driver, in which he says he briefly dozed off and accidentally hit the gas. It was unclear whether the man spoke under duress.

The man says he hadn’t slept in 20 hours and wasn’t drunk, and ran away after the accident because he was afraid that angry bystanders would kill him. He was later detained.

Videos circulating on Russian social media and some news websites after the incident showed the taxi veering onto the sidewalk Saturday and striking pedestrians. The accident took place on Ilinka Street, about 200 meters (650 feet) from Red Square and Moscow’s famous GUM shopping arcade, an area popular with tourists.

Have Russians and Argentinians made an alliance against English hooligans?

Talks about World Cup 2018 have been going long before it even started, many media trying to profit from it by making false news and talking absolutely nonsense.We made some investigations and talked to some trusted sources about Argentinians teaming up with Russians for this event and here’s what we learned.
Russians traveled to Argentina few months ago and this is a hundred percent true, they firstly wanted to meet with the leader of La 12 (La Doce) barra brava, The search for collaborators then involved those barras from San Lorenzo, Vélez Sarsfield and Nueva Chicago.In these discussions it has been reported that the Russians reached an agreement to arrange accommodation for the Argentinian groups, as well as transport and defense lawyers, in case they may need them.

We don’t know if this meeting was made just because of English hooligans because russians did pretty good against much bigger numbers of English fans during euro 2016, but there are many rumors and when we asked them they refused to tell us exactly for what was this meeting, time will tell let’s just hope for an interesting World Cup.
Photo of the meeting: