Why Slask ultras still hunt for Biris Norte(Sevilla Ultras)!

It’s been 5 years since the confrontation between Slask ultras and Biris Norte happened, and still Slask is traveling everywhere Sevilla plays.If you are wondering why this is happening we’re going to explain it to you now.

The date was 22/08/2013 when all of this began!

Slask was playing against Sevilla in Sevilla and 30 hooligans from Sevilla attacked 20 lads from Slask and Sevilla ultras were very successful and in the end Sevilla won without any damages and took all their banners and some t-shirts leaving them naked and humiliated.We can easily say it was one of the most humiliation in the history of ultras, because banners were taken during a fight and the enemy ran away damaged and leaving banners behind.


Now let’s get to the hunting.After all these things of course Slask were super angry because of this humiliation and wanted revenge, so everywhere Sevilla played Slask traveled there in the hopes of meeting with Sevilla, at some point they met again but Slask didn’t do much and they still couldn’t get themselves out of that situation.This is what happened in Manchester:

Meanwhile today Slask still traveled in hopes of meeting Sevilla:

We don’t know what will happen in the future, but it is very interesting because after 5 years we are still seeing actions because of what happened before.

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