Situation in the city of Thessaloniki.

Just like Athens, Thessaloniki is as interesting as them.Usually teams from Athens are/have been much more successful but Thessaloniki teams have always had a good fan base.Most successful from the big 3 teams of Thessaloniki is Paok by winning two greek cups in 2001 and 2003.Aris is having the worst years of his history: relegated in 1997 for the first team after more than 80 years since being founded, relegated again in 2005, and now finally they came back to the super league, and they got relegated because of financial problems.

When it comes to the people who go to the stadium and are loyal fans then we can say things are pretty balanced on this matter.When it comes to the people outside Thessaloniki (Region of Macedonia) then we can easily say that Paok is the most famous team there beacause of having more success, except of the city Drama where Aris is obviously better.As long as teams-areas in Thessaloniki are concerned, paok is stronger in the west side of the city meanwhile Aris in the East and Iraklis doesn’t have a specific big area but mostly located near their stadium and city center, but the info is not really that good.
We can say that PAOK is 50%,Aris coming second at 30-35% and Iraklis coming third with 15%-20%.
On 24 January 1971 Iraklis set the highest attendance record for any football match in Alpha Ethniki, with 45,634 tickets sold in the club’s contest against Panathinaikos.Also we have to mention Iraklis is the oldest team in Thessaloniki.

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