KF Prishtina – FC Drita 13/08/2018

Amazing atmosphere in Kosovo for the supercup.
After more than 2 years Prishtina finally could play in their stadium, and the atmosphere was amazing.
Before the match a minor incident happened when 3 lads of Intelektualet(FC Drita) were walking near the Plisat fan club and after the match again many fights and stolen scarves and t-shirts.
Intelektualet had pyro inside the stadium by putting them inside sandwiches, a very creative way indeed

Stadium was being watched by UEFA inspectors and Intelektualet took a piss on the security system but 13 of them were arrested because they threw pyro and insulted the cops.
Plisat moved their sector from East to South.
Attendance 11000, all the tickets in Prishtina were sold meanwhile in Gjilan not all of them.

Plisat Jug (FC Prishtina):

Intelektualet (FC Drita):

After the match actions from both groups.
Plisat took these from Intelektualet:

Intelektualet took this from Plisat:

We got some info that many Intelektualet were hospitalized because of attacks after the match, and 13 members of Intelektualet are arrested because of pyro.

After Drita won the supercup they celebrated in the city of Gjilan:

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