Map of Barra Bravas in Buenos Aires.

Barra Bravas are nearly the same as ultras in europe, but the difference can be visible if you visit both.They use many musical instruments and bass drums, trumpets and many other things.This time we made an article about the Barra Bravas in Buenos Aires.

Barra Bravas tend to be very violent organizations, through August 2012 Argentine football has experienced 301 hooligan related death, several such deaths and shootings were the result of rival factions within the same clubs.
Originally these groups were not numerous, violent, or powerful. Over the years, this changed. In some cases the barra brava decided who would be the club’s chairman. Since the 1980s and 1990s, hooliganism has grown and some groups engaged in illegal activities such as extorting money from club leadership, players, and hawkers that work at the stadium. They also may participate in drug sales and thefts. They often provide services to political and union leaders who hire them as agitator groups (during rallies and mass meetings, that in Argentina traditionally have people chanting like football crowds, playing drums and even shooting firecrackers), goon squads (clashing with supporters of other political parties, unions or police during demonstrations, protests, rallies and strikes), bodyguards, etc.

Now back to the city of Buenos Aires.It is known that Boca Juniors is the most famous team in Buenos Aires and whole Argentina so they take the first spot when it comes to the numbers.
After Buenos Aires River Plate is near them in the second place, after them it’s San Lorenzo who are described as the most passionate fans there and after them Velez Sarsfield, others have good numbers but these 4 teams are the main 4 of Buenos Aires.Here’s the map.

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