The reason why nothing is happening in Russia.

All that hype from the media about Russia and all those documentaries, all those threats but still, nothing, nothing happened.
It feels like everything is under control and except some few individual clashes and a clash between Argentinians nothing more happened, nothing!
From what we know, russian hooligans are not doing anything because they are simply scared to go to prison somewhere in the middle of Russia.The other reason is that leaders of hooligan groups made a pact with Putin to not put a “bad eye” on Russia, so this World Cup is a propaganda.
According to our sources it is obvious that Putin knew very well how to handle this situation, and we’re almost sure that nothing at all will happen during this tournament.
Now let’s talk about ultras and hooligans in Russia, obviously it seems they are not what they seemed to be, because they got silenced so easily, meanwhile being ultras is making sure your voice is heard, which is the opposite of what russians are doing right now.If their government could do this to them so easily then what if they suddenly decide to end ultras/hooligan culture?will it be so fast?or will they fight back, for that we don’t have an answer but for now this is the situation in Russia and most likely it is going to be like this for the rest of the tournament.

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