Have Russians and Argentinians made an alliance against English hooligans?

Talks about World Cup 2018 have been going long before it even started, many media trying to profit from it by making false news and talking absolutely nonsense.We made some investigations and talked to some trusted sources about Argentinians teaming up with Russians for this event and here’s what we learned.
Russians traveled to Argentina few months ago and this is a hundred percent true, they firstly wanted to meet with the leader of La 12 (La Doce) barra brava, The search for collaborators then involved those barras from San Lorenzo, Vélez Sarsfield and Nueva Chicago.In these discussions it has been reported that the Russians reached an agreement to arrange accommodation for the Argentinian groups, as well as transport and defense lawyers, in case they may need them.

We don’t know if this meeting was made just because of English hooligans because russians did pretty good against much bigger numbers of English fans during euro 2016, but there are many rumors and when we asked them they refused to tell us exactly for what was this meeting, time will tell let’s just hope for an interesting World Cup.
Photo of the meeting:

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