Interview with capo of Green Monsters, Ferencvaros

When was the last time you’ve visited a Ferencvaros game int he NB1 (Hungarian League)?

– About 3 years and a half year ago, in the Puskas Stadium (old stadium).

What did happen after that?

– When the new stadium was finished, they made mandatory the vein scanner system. We had the feeling we’ve been left out from this decision meanwhile we had discussion about every other topics. The rest is history.

So you did not have problem especially with the  scanning system but you did not like that the club left  out ultras from this discussion?

– That was the last drop in the glass. We did not agree with many decisions of the club but we were thinking these issues could be solved by discussion. However the scanning system was not that category.

What did take 3 and half years long?

– Both sides had to see we need common things which are acceptable for the club and fans too. I’ve been thinking in a 5 years period so it ended before I expected.

What was the worst period/moment?

– Celebration of the Championship winning, when we dominated the league. It took many years to win the championship again but we couldn’t celebrate with the team together. It really hurt me I’ve felt like a piece of my heart was lost.

One Championship title, one second, one third place and three Cup winning was missed.

– Not a good feeling to hear that, I hope we can forget that time very soon.

How much could you like the championship winning team?

– We never loved Ferencvaros because of the players, we love the club and the players are part of it.

What was the turning point which let you come back to the stadium?

– It was March or April when the last phase of discussion started. I couldn’t mention one moment. 3 and half years made this happen.

At least one moment could be mentioned.

– It was important that we could discuss with the president of FTC, Mr. Kubatov and not the acting director, Mr. Nyíri.

Who did open first for the other party?

– After a while both sides found the other one. It wasn’t like that one side did not want to discuss meanwhile the other one always were looking for discussion.

Parts of the return agreement:

  • Scanning is not mandatory in ultras’ sector (called ’Sector B’ in Hungary), only for 500 people.
  • There are two type of cards. Normal card with scanning and B Category Card for ultras sectors. For B Category Cards your picture and datas are required only scanning optional.
  • Any conflict, revenge or violence against normal card users forbidden.
  • Both sides against any violence inside the stadium.
  • According the agreement the stadium rules has been modified by the recommendations of ultras!
  • New rules include the new type of category and penalties for actions against the rules.
  • Ultras are represented in the council which oversee the bans and has the right to appeal against decisions.
  • Management accepted that they can choose an own mascot for Sector B (there was a huge scandal when management changed the mascot of the club).
  • Leaders of ultras and management of the club meets at least 4 times a year.

Can you mention anybody who insulted(hurt?) the ultras?

– I wouldn’t say hurt us. It hurt more that we did not have any active players who would stand for us and would say that ultras are missing from the stadium.

What is behind that?

– If I would looking for reasons we would have to speak about issues with the management again. We have  to move on this issue.

How do you prepare for the return?

– I can not speak about details but I can tell you it will be huge. Worthy for Ferencvaros ultras!



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