Why some ultra groups contradict themselves?!

Lately the trend of being right winged has risen a lot, and we all are witness to that, but sometimes it’s surprising when some of the groups become like that, and here we are going to talk about it.

Most of the ultra groups in Poland are obviously nationalists and they also follow their national team instead of just their city’s team, but where do polish ultras contradict themselves exactly? Let’s talk about history a little bit here.Nazis killed around 3 million polish jews and around 2.5 million polish non jews, so now you are probably wondering why do they put celtic crosses and swastikas when nazis killed them and considered them as an inferior race? We don’t know the answer, but it just seems that the leaders of polish groups missed history classes, that’s the only explanation we can give right now.

It is not only the polish groups who are failing on knowing their own history, but also many other groups from different european countries are doing this and are definitely giving a bad face to the ultras community, simply because other people just think that we are all like this, uneducated and crazy which is not true.

On the other hand we have russian groups who also show nazi banners and celtic crosses.It is more surprising than polish groups doing that, because we all know russians fought hard against nazis and many russians died, and let’s imagine what would happen if nazis reached Moscow!!! Well no russian nation today obviously.

After russians we have serbians, who lost around 600.000 people because of nazis and just like the other two they were considered as inferiors by nazis, but they still put celtic crosses on their fences, do the nazi salutes, racist tattos with swastikas and many other things.

After that we can speak about Feyenoord fans who in the past (We don’t have information about the present) made nazi salutes, had racist banners but their city was one of the most bombed city in europe by nazis, but we cannot talk too much about them because it seems that they left this in the past and now they are aware of what’s going on.
Very soon we’ll make a second part on this matter about some other groups who are just not doing “the right thing”.

Here is a picture of Legia in the past with nazi symbols and later with a choreography showing how germans killed many polish people.

Ruch Chorzow

wisla Krakow

LKS Lodz

Now Spartak and CSKA Moscow:

Rotor Volgograd with a celtic cross and Zenit with Che Guevara, so yeah that sums it up.


United Force also from Beograd

We didn’t post a lot of photos that we have, but they will be posted in part 2 and the situations will be explained in more details, just make sure to stay with us while we discuss the most important things on ultras community.

Why Slask ultras still hunt for Biris Norte(Sevilla Ultras)!

It’s been 5 years since the confrontation between Slask ultras and Biris Norte happened, and still Slask is traveling everywhere Sevilla plays.If you are wondering why this is happening we’re going to explain it to you now.

The date was 22/08/2013 when all of this began!

Slask was playing against Sevilla in Sevilla and 30 hooligans from Sevilla attacked 20 lads from Slask and Sevilla ultras were very successful and in the end Sevilla won without any damages and took all their banners and some t-shirts leaving them naked and humiliated.We can easily say it was one of the most humiliation in the history of ultras, because banners were taken during a fight and the enemy ran away damaged and leaving banners behind.


Now let’s get to the hunting.After all these things of course Slask were super angry because of this humiliation and wanted revenge, so everywhere Sevilla played Slask traveled there in the hopes of meeting with Sevilla, at some point they met again but Slask didn’t do much and they still couldn’t get themselves out of that situation.This is what happened in Manchester:

Meanwhile today Slask still traveled in hopes of meeting Sevilla:

We don’t know what will happen in the future, but it is very interesting because after 5 years we are still seeing actions because of what happened before.

Clashes between Burnley and Olympiakos fans.

Around 900 Burnley fans traveled to Athens for the match that their team played against Olympiakos.

First problems started when Burnley fans got drunk and wanted to drink with some local fans there, but some clashed happened when some Burnley fans separated from the other fans and were traveling around Athens with a taxi.After some time some Olympiakos fans confronted them and stabbed one Burnley fan and injured four other fans badly.

Right now Burnley Football club is working with the police and Olympiacos to investigate these actions.

Olympiakos also took some banners from Burnley:


Burnley fans in Athens:

Maribor fans trolled rivals (Olimpija)

One guy from Maribor dressed in GD (Green Dragons, Olimpija fans) clothes smuggled plastic bag with pyro into the stadium (into home sector) and gave pyro to Olimpija  guys.

They took it and didn`t check
and what`s more, they tried to burn small captured Maribor flag, using this pyro. They were shocked when they saw purple smoke 🙂
And Viole in the same moment showed this parole “Cudovita barva dimnih” , which means “Nice smoke color”.
After this Green Dragons (Olimpija) were very nervous in their sector.

GD said there was a 15 years old boy, he didn’t dress GD clothes, but he came and said that his uncle is from the security and let him bring pyro in.”




Situation in the city of Thessaloniki.

Just like Athens, Thessaloniki is as interesting as them.Usually teams from Athens are/have been much more successful but Thessaloniki teams have always had a good fan base.Most successful from the big 3 teams of Thessaloniki is Paok by winning two greek cups in 2001 and 2003.Aris is having the worst years of his history: relegated in 1997 for the first team after more than 80 years since being founded, relegated again in 2005, and now finally they came back to the super league, and they got relegated because of financial problems.

When it comes to the people who go to the stadium and are loyal fans then we can say things are pretty balanced on this matter.When it comes to the people outside Thessaloniki (Region of Macedonia) then we can easily say that Paok is the most famous team there beacause of having more success, except of the city Drama where Aris is obviously better.As long as teams-areas in Thessaloniki are concerned, paok is stronger in the west side of the city meanwhile Aris in the East and Iraklis doesn’t have a specific big area but mostly located near their stadium and city center, but the info is not really that good.
We can say that PAOK is 50%,Aris coming second at 30-35% and Iraklis coming third with 15%-20%.
On 24 January 1971 Iraklis set the highest attendance record for any football match in Alpha Ethniki, with 45,634 tickets sold in the club’s contest against Panathinaikos.Also we have to mention Iraklis is the oldest team in Thessaloniki.

KF Prishtina – FC Drita 13/08/2018

Amazing atmosphere in Kosovo for the supercup.
After more than 2 years Prishtina finally could play in their stadium, and the atmosphere was amazing.
Before the match a minor incident happened when 3 lads of Intelektualet(FC Drita) were walking near the Plisat fan club and after the match again many fights and stolen scarves and t-shirts.
Intelektualet had pyro inside the stadium by putting them inside sandwiches, a very creative way indeed

Stadium was being watched by UEFA inspectors and Intelektualet took a piss on the security system but 13 of them were arrested because they threw pyro and insulted the cops.
Plisat moved their sector from East to South.
Attendance 11000, all the tickets in Prishtina were sold meanwhile in Gjilan not all of them.

Plisat Jug (FC Prishtina):

Intelektualet (FC Drita):

After the match actions from both groups.
Plisat took these from Intelektualet:

Intelektualet took this from Plisat:

We got some info that many Intelektualet were hospitalized because of attacks after the match, and 13 members of Intelektualet are arrested because of pyro.

After Drita won the supercup they celebrated in the city of Gjilan:

Torcida Jovem steal 208 flags and 53 banners from their main rivals.

Crazy stuff just happened in Brazil, when Torcida Jovem (Sport Club Recife) managed to break in the headquarters of their Main rival, Inferno Coral (Santa Cruz) and steal all their banners, flags and material.It is not known yet how did they do it and what will happen with the other group.

Banners stolen:

Rangers-Osijek 2 stabbed during fights.

Right now 2 men are in hospital because of being stabbed in a brawl before the match between Rangers and Osijjek.
Kohorta Osijek in much lower numbers started the brawl by fighting and throwing flares, after that some Rangers regrouped and started fighting back.The nationality of the two stabbed is not yet shown.
Rangers made it to the next round, while Osijek’s european competition ends here.
Rangers also provoked Kohorta with serbian flags.


Video of the brawl: